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Taroona FC

Do you want to be part of Football Federation Tasmania’s (FFT’s) SAP Festivals? Taroona FC looks to enter teams at each of the SAP Festivals.


The teams for the SAP Festival will be selected by the TFC SKiLLS coaches and the club Technical Director. Selection will be based on:


  • Willingness to learn and be coached – being part of the program means being prepared to challenge yourself, try new things and be prepared to make mistakes – that’s how you grow! The program is about extending players to reach their football potential, in an environment that is safe and encouraging.

  • Behaviour – showing respect for your coaches and your team mates is very important. This means listening to what your coach says and doing your best to do what the coach is asking you to do. It also means supporting your team mates and encouraging them to try new things.

  • Football ability – players need to demonstrate improvement in the four core skills – running with the ball, 1v1, first touch and striking the ball.

  • Attendance at TFC Skills sessions – this means showing up to each session you’re registered for, on time, in the right gear, ready to train at the start time.

Other inquiries about the TFC Skills program should be directed to

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