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2023 FFW Wrap Up

With FFW done and dusted, here is a compilation of all our Crew Profiles that were featured on our Socials over the course of the 10 days!

Love Our Pirates Day 1: Cholada Gale

"I’ve been playing football for 11 years and started when I was 6. I decided to play for Taroona Football Club because Daisy (WSL Captain) was my coach in years 5 and 6. It was such a positive experience that myself along with other girls from my primary school decided to play for TFC. I am 17 years old and I currently play for the U16s Girls Black team and the WSL team. I also coach the U14s Mixed Orange team."

"Playing senior football even though I’m relatively young has really improved me as a football player. It was a challenging experience however it’s where I grew most as a player, learning about positions, creating runs and defending as well as getting used to the pace and high intensity play. One downside was that I was not playing against my peers however now [that I'm] playing for the U16s team I get to experience that as well."

"Playing football has helped with my coaching role as it helps me understand what the players are struggling with and help them find a solution. The only challenge with playing and coaching is that my training and games clash with coaching making it hard to be available for every game."

"While I’m not playing soccer and at school, I like to do things such as bushwalking and snowboarding. I enjoy being out in nature and the walks around Tassie are amazing. Snowboarding lets me experience nature in a different way. Going down the slopes on my snowboard gives me an adrenaline rush similar to that of football which is probably why I enjoy it so much."

"The community I get to be apart of as a TFC Pirate is just amazing, the support and friendliness of the club but also the drive to push yourself. Being a TFC Crew member means to work hard and have fun. Push yourself to achieve your best but also enjoy being a part of the TFC community."

Love Our Pirates Day 2: Jaylynn Barton

It's our pleasure to introduce our newest member of our Pirate Crew - Jaylynn Barton!

Jay has joined us from the USA, and has so far played 2 games for our WSL squad. With her bubbly personality, she has fit right in and we are so stoked to have her as part of the Club.

Check out this brief intro video to learn a bit more about Jay, and what she hopes to get out of her stay here in Tasmania.

Love Our Pirates Day 3: Alex Miles

"My first memory of football was playing with matchbox cars in the goal box during a game at Mount Nelson Primary School with my brother. I wasn't actually on the team, but it was pretty relaxed in the 80s. A 'few' years later I became involved with soccer when my kids started playing U5s at Taroona Primary. I shared coaching and managing roles in one form or another and through soccer we formed enduring family friendships. When June and her friends moved to Taroona FC in grade 7 I guess I followed them!"

"[My role as Youth Coordinator] was probably a natural progression from managing teams. I work with coaches and managers to make sure players and families are prepared for the season - registered in teams, with kits, and connected with coaches, managers and each other. Im still learning!"

"It took a while to get my head around Club and FT processes I wasn't familiar with. The best thing about volunteering is seeing players on the field, sharing the experience with my kids and their friends and getting to know people I may not otherwise meet."

"We are so lucky to have this facility so close to home. It's a small club but the culture is positive and strong. I really enjoy the time I spend at the clubrooms or just on the hill watching a game."

"Every [art] project I work on is different and I'm usually juggling several at once. So multitasking is probably a skill I aspire to perfect! I don't think you need a particular skill to volunteer - just a willingness to have a go, be patient if things don't go to plan, and keep sight of the bigger picture."

"I'm looking forward to going to Sydney to watch the Matildas play in the World Cup and visiting a few galleries while I'm there in July."

Love Our Pirates Day 4: Karen Wills

"I've loved football since I was a small child. I have fond memories of getting up to watch late night English football with my siblings. Of course, back then we were told, "girls don't play soccer", so I honed my skills in the backyard and school playground. I was 15 when I played in my first women's competition in Sydney, and (apart from two ACLs) didn't stop playing till I had children."

"I first played for Taroona in 2007 when I put together a social women's team. It was some of the most fun football I have played with a legendary bunch of women. We were embraced by the Club and I have felt at home ever since. One of my highlights was getting to play with my daughters, Josie and Emma."

"This Club has a culture of respect and integrity, valuing individuals for their unique contributions as players, coaches and volunteers. There is a sense of building something for the community, celebrating our successes and working hard to rebuild during the tough times. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?"

"Well, the amazing location [makes us special] of course! But really, it's the same things that foster my sense of loyalty. The people are amazing and the Club values are important to me. I enjoy sharing my love of the game and helping young players to develop their technical ability and game awareness. It's a real joy to see those lightbulb moments when players put these together during a game."

"This season has been tough but I am focussed on helping our WSL team to achieve their potential. We are now playing patches of good football but the mission is to be confident, stay focussed and put together 90 minutes of quality football every week. Away from the pitch we are planning a house build on the hill with a view of Kelvie. One day I'll be able to keep an eye on training from the comfort of my lounge!"

Love Our Pirates Day 5: Shelagh Curtain

"Before you complain, have you volunteered yet?" Shelagh is fuelled by this quote, always ready to put her hand up, roll up her sleeves, and get the job done - as long as it doesn't involve baking!

Shelagh is an absolute legend at Taroona FC and has spent decades playing the beautiful game, even though she distinctly remembers her grade 4 teacher telling her that, "Girls don't play soccer, Shelagh." Good thing she's a Pirate, always happy to rebel in the best way possible!

Head over to our Facebook page to check out the full video.

Love Our Pirates Day 6: Shani Grace Mackey

“I started [playing football] in grade 8 when I was 14. So this years my 14th year. I think this year is my 10th or 11th season with Taroona. Throw in a few overseas trips, a broken nose and daughter and here I am again! I started playing for Taroona because I was at school at Taroona High and it was the club that everyone seemed to play for, so it’s just how the ball rolled really."

"I’d say my favourite memories of playing are a mixture of lots of memories. What’s popping into mind right now is the twilight mixed cup we used to do at the end of the season up at the uni grounds. It was always so much fun and such a joy to mix with other players in the club and play together. And we kept winning…"

"I think for me playing has always been about having a different sense of belonging that is outside of your normal day to day life, something to escape to. Especially after becoming a mum and you get lost in a world where your whole identity revolves around parenting, it’s really nice to step out of that and back into world for me where I can go and be someone else for a while."

"Playing in the social team is about having fun, caring for each other, laughing non stop, enjoying the game and not taking it too seriously and most importantly accepting new people into the club of all experiences, backgrounds, and levels of commitment. This brings such a wide range of people coming and going from our social team and so many friendships that form."

"Last year and this year I’ve been the Captain of the Social Women’s team (Captain Offside they call me). It’s both an honour but also a responsibility. Trying to organise the team reminds me at times of trying to get my toddler dressed fifteen times in a row to get her out the door but it’s also honestly one of the biggest joys in my life. It’s really made me recognise how much goes on in the background and how much time and energy really needs to be given and volunteered to make things work and make a team and club run. I have a lot of new found respect for everyone involved now, unlike the old days of just rocking up to games and training. I love my whole team with all my heart and we are so lucky to have each other and so lucky to have Bill."

Love Our Pirates Day 7: Hazel, Elsie & Molly


"This is my 5th year of playing football. It’s my 2nd year playing for Taroona FC and I play for TFC because I really enjoy playing and I think TFC will take me further in developing my soccer skills. I am 9 and I play in the U10 girls team. We call ourselves the GOATS (Greatest Of All Time)."

"I look up to Mary Fowler because she just keeps on going and she was really

young when she joined the Matildas. She’s really talented."

"[My goals in football are] to keep fit and play for fun. [When I grow up] I want to be an actor. I go to Crew Musical Theatre and I love it! Going to Crew and learning my lines for our production of ‘Shrek, The Musical’ makes me happy because I enjoy it so much and I love to sing and dance."

"It makes me really happy [to be a Taroona FC Pirate] because all of the coaches are so nice, especially Maddie, Bella and Curious George."


"This is my second year at Taroona FC. I started in year 6. I am 12 years old and play for the U14 Mixed Development team."

"I look up to Mary Fowler. She is only very young and she is such an incredible player and role model to look up to. My goal is to play for the state team and get as far as I can in soccer. When I grow up I would love to play for the Matildas."

"Something I love to do outside of school and soccer is other sports such as Mtb, surfing and going on 6 Kilometre runs. They make me happy because I get to be outdoors and be active."

"I love being part of the TFC community because of how it challenges me, while also giving me support in going further though the kind and friendly coaches."


"I have been playing for TFC for 2 years now. I love playing for the club, as the

coaches and everyone are so friendly and because I learn a lot. When I’m not playing football or in school, I enjoy mountain biking and going to

the beach."

"I’m 12 years old and I’m playing for the U14 Mixed Development team.

When I grow up, I want to play for the Matildas."

"I look up to Ellie Carpenter because even if she is in the backline and she doesn’t score goals, she is still an incredible player and I wish I could play like her."

"My favourite thing about being a Taroona FC pirate, is that I have lots of fun, and enjoy playing with the club."

Love Our Pirates Day 8: Sadie

What’s your name?


How old are you?

4 nearly 5

Why do you like soccer?

Because it’s fun and I like it and I just want to watch my friends play and be on a team.

What is your favourite soccer trick?

Kicking it very far.

What would you like to be when you grow up?

A scientist.

Who is your favourite soccer player?

Maddy (Maddy Lane) and Mummy (Daisy Parsell)

What is your favourite thing about being a Taroona Pirate?

Making pirate voices. YAHARR ME HEARTIES!

Love Our Pirates Day 9: Daisy Parsell

We couldn't ask for a better Captain for our Senior Women's squad. Daisy is a phenomenal role model who goes above and beyond to make sure our Club is a safe and welcoming place for all.

Every week she leads our WSL Pirates onto the field with confidence in each and every player, and a fierce and contagious positivity. A true Taroona Pirate! (Although her dad, Billy, is reaching this legend status as well!)

Head on over to our Facebook page to check out our video featuring Daisy

Love Our Pirates Day 10: Adelyn Ayton

And just like that, the 10 days of our #loveourpirates series is over! What better way to wrap up the series than with the person who started it all. For those who don't know, Addy was the person who initiated Taroona FC's FFW video profiles way back in 2017.

Adelyn Ayton is another Taroona legend, having played for the Club for many seasons in between her playing and coaching career on the mainland. Addy was a founding member of the SKiLLS program, and has since continued coaching with a determination to provide quality sessions, but more importantly, a space for players to flourish, thrive and leave the pitch feeling like a better person.

Head on over to Facebook to check out our feature video on Adelyn

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