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Volunteer of the Month LFD Massage

Do you know of a Taroona FC club member who goes above and beyond? Does your Team Manager put in lots of time to make sure your team is ready for game day? Have you noticed a game-day helper who is always ready to pitch in? Is there someone you always see helping out around the club?

Nominate them for a Volunteer of the Month award!


Volunteer of the Month – Sponsored by LFD Massage



Volunteers are at the heart of our Club’s success and week to week implementation. This award, supported by LFD Massage, will recognise one club member each month.

Appreciation is a key consideration for our Club and we encourage you to nominate club members who you consider are making Taroona FC the best club to be involved with!

Every month, Taroona FC committee members will select one (1) club member. Each winner will be awarded a $20 LFD Massage voucher and a certificate recognising their achievement and thanking them for their hard work. Their contribution to community football will also be recognised on Taroona FC social media platforms.

From the pool of monthly winners, a “Taroona FC Volunteer of the Year” will be recognised.

All club members are invited to nominate. Please note that Committee members are exempt from consideration.

We look forward to receiving your nominations for our hard-working volunteers.

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