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Updated: Jul 21, 2023

We are excited to announce our new sponsorship by Anytime Fitness, and the amazing deal they are offering to Taroona FC members in 2023!

Anytime Fitness believes that what you can achieve through movement leads to a happier, healthier and longer life. As sportspeople, we know that having the space and equipment to develop our bodies is a vital part of self-improvement. That's why we are super grateful that Anytime Fitness is offering our players and members the following deal:

- A $0 joining fee (normally $102)

- A reduced weekly rate from normal set term memberships to $15.95 (a total yearly membership saving of $208)

- Access to these great discounts at 4 Southern Anytime Fitness Clubs (Rosny Park, Sandy Bay, Glenorchy, and Hobart)

- Enjoy access to a number of member benefits with surrounding businesses including: The Recovery Shack, Acai Bros, Liv Eat & more!

So get amongst it, and join Anytime Fitness to make the most of this amazing opportunity!

Thank you to the AF team for providing these awesome deals to our members.

ETA: If you are an existing Anytime Fitness member you can still access the discounted membership rates. Just show your Taroona FC Membership card (if you are a player you can collect one from the Kelvedon Kiosk, otherwise you can purchase one at the Kiosk for $30)

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