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April School Holiday Clinics

A huge thank you to our fantastic young coaches: Caity, Cholada and Evie, for running our regular SKiLLS Clinics over the span of two days in the April School Holidays. Read on to hear Coach Caity's writeup:

The kids (with ages varying from 5-12) got to showcase their epic skills in lots of mini games, with a World Cup round robin competition being a favourite of theirs. This is where the kids' super competitive side got to come out!

To finish off at the end of the days, the kids ended with a game called ‘Wembley’ (introduced to us by our newest Welsh additions!) where it was the keeper versus everyone for themselves trying to score. We saw everything from sneaky tap ins into goals, to awesome headers going straight to the back of the net. All of the coaches were extremely impressed with how much effort everyone put in throughout the hot weather, as well as the younger kids giving their all and putting in tough challenges for the football against their older peers.

It was great to see everyone working together to produce some excellent football and it’s exciting to see all the young talent we have in the club coming through over the next few years. Fun was a common theme throughout the holiday clinics and we are already looking forward to the next holidays!

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