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Devonport Cup Recap

U13/14 Girls - Sarah Colman

On the weekend, the U13/14G team stormed the fields of Devonport to represent Taroona FC. We were a mixed team of the tier 1 and tier 2 teams, and even had a friend on loan from Clarence playing with us. Fiona Wise (coach of the U13/14 tier 2 girls team), took up the coaching reigns.

Our first game was against local rivals Kingborough. The girls were still getting to know each other and by the end we were playing really well as a team as a team. The second game was tough against Launceston United who were the eventual runners-up of our age group. We were all very proud of keeping them without goals in the 2nd half. In the 3rd game we managed a draw against Northern Rangers.  Our last game was against Launceston City, the team gave it their all to the very end, even though the result went against us.

The girls really enjoyed every game, it was great to see the mixed tier 1 and 2 team getting to know each other better and they especially enjoyed dinner together on Saturday night. Everyone played really well together as a team and we are all looking forward to next year. Thanks to all the parents for their support and our amazing coach Fiona who gave up her weekend to drive all the way to Devonport and coach us!

U12 Girls - Raymond Bannister

The U12 Taroona girls (Orangutans) were itching all week to test their skills against new opposition at the Devonport Cup after dominating the Southern

League during the first 7 weeks of the season. Come game day, the excitement did not disappoint, once everyone made their way to the right ground, the girls eagerly warmed up, ready for their first game against Riverside Olympia.  

Game 1 started off with a tense first five minutes, finally the girls scored their first goal and by the end of the first half they were up 5-0. After some half time oranges (courtesy of one of the parents) and a good pep talk from the coaches (Andrew and Ben), the Orangutans put on their afterburners and extended the lead to 10-0 by full time. There were 7 individual goal scorers, just demonstrating that the girls like to play a team game, sharing the ball around and looking for each other in front of the goals. What a great team effort! 

Game 2 started 2 hours later, and after a well deserved rest the Orangutans took on Launceston United. The coaches once again took the opportunity to rev the girls up, reminding them that the results of the first game would have no bearing on this game and that they needed to maintain their structures and attack the ball. While the second game was played predominantly in our forward half, the girls found it difficult to put the ball in the back of the net, despite some amazing crosses and shots on goal, the opposition keeper was outstandingly poised in front of goals, denying the girls a way to put scoreboard pressure on in the first half. After a strong arm wrestle, the girls managed to score 2 goals to seal the win. 

The next morning, after an awesome team dinner at Molly Malone's, the Orangutans pulled themselves out of bed before 7am on a Sunday to play their final game of the qualifying round. With clear blue skies and the sun blinding the spectators, the girls' nerves were high, as their next opponent, Devonport, were also undefeated and had a higher goal differential. Our girls needed to win this game to head to the playoff to win the cup. This match had it all, both teams were well matched, but despite the Orangutans early dominance in the first half, they managed only 1 goal. Going into the second half, the coaches were eager to see the girls play they way they had trained all year and come out attacking the ball in the second half. The second half was an arm wrestle, with Devonport coming out with determination to win the game. The first 20 mins of the second half both teams were denied scoring opportunities by some great defensive work and goal keeping. Unfortunately, at the 20 min mark, Devonport snuck the ball into goal to level the game 1-1. Despite some courageous efforts by the girls to try and score another goal, they eventually finished the game with a 1-1 draw. Despite the disappointment, the good news is the girls had not lost a game in the cup so far scoring 13-1 over the past 3 games and had been playing some really awesome team oriented soccer!

The last game of the match was a battle of the southerners. Kingsborough Lions vs the Orangutans battling it out for 3rd place. Despite some exhausted girls, once again the girls played some exciting soccer, wth a rock solid defence and some great passing and crosses to set team mates up for goals. In the end the girls comprehensively won 8-0. 

With a goal differential of 21-1 and some really great team oriented play, the Orangutans should be really proud of their efforts all weekend. The coaches should also give themselves a huge pat on the back for providing great mentoring to the girls over the weekend.

Rumours have it, the coaches have already turned their attention to preparations for the Hobart cup!

Under 15s - Jodie Epper

The Under 15 squad travelled up for the Devonport Cup. We played 4 games. Our

first game was against South with a loss. The second game was always going to be

tough against Launceston Juventus. Taroona was outclassed in pace and size. Our

goalkeeper was injured – he said the some of the balls were like bullets. Luckily, we

had a long break to recover and with a good lunch and some fun at putt putt golf we

regained our spirits.

We headed into our third game of the day against the Devonport Strikers. For this

game our coach told us it was no pressure game, and this made a difference to how

we played. The we corrected the mistakes we made in the first two games, and we

played much better as a team, keeping our shape and scoring some goals. Ted our

goalkeeper (whose hands were injured in the Launceston game played), on the field

for the first time looking dangerous in attack with Henry Nuttall and Ben Bowes in


The play off for third and fourth place was the following day against Devonport

Strikers. The sun was shining and Alex our captain stepped in as goalkeeper We

came out strong and didn’t really look back. We played confidently, making good

passes, keeping our shape, capitalising on our opportunities and won the game 4.1.

Thanks to all the parents and siblings who transported played and watched games.

To parents who took extra players, for the chocolates at much needed energy lows

and to our amazing coach Riley Pitchford – who has a long view, who keeps an eye

on the development of all our squad, knowing that its the long haul for youth players

that’s important and that’s what will keep players improving over the next few years.

Thanks to Taroona Football Club for the opportunity to play more football, to have the

opportunity to play different teams. We know it’s a great opportunity.

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