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GOOD SPORTS: Safer drinking at sports clubs

We all know that most of our Pirates enjoy a cold bevvy or two while at Kelvedon, but while we're there as supporters or even players, it's important to remember that we're representing Taroona FC and our club values. Here are a few steps recommended by Good Sports that can be put in place for responsible drinking while at the Club Grounds:

  1. Pace yourself We all know how easy it is to knock a few cold ones back, especially on a gorgeous Summer's day at Kelvie when the game's flowing our way and the sea breeze is behind us. It can be all too easy to lose count of how many you've had, or run up quite a tab at the kiosk (especially when we have such a great assortment of beverages available). Good Sports recommends taking sips instead of gulps to pace your consumption of alcohol, and reminds us to always drink at our own pace instead of trying to keep up with the fastest drinker

  2. Hidden strengths Many of our Pirates are pretty classy folk who enjoy a good brew, but it's important to remember that not all canned or bottled beverages contain one single standard drink (especially the craft stuff which usually has a higher alcohol content). Remember to check your beverage for the Standard Drink icon and keep track of your consumption more accurately

  3. Eat up Making sure to eat while you drink not only slows your drinking pace but also allows alcohol to be absorbed more slowly in your stomach. A great tip from Good Sports is to avoid salty snacks while drinking, as they make you more thirsty. We have plenty of fresh and hot food available at the kiosk to make sure you're not drinking on an empty stomach

  4. No thanks It's always ok to say NO to a drink, and you should never feel pressured into drinking more than you're comfortable with - nor should you be pressuring others into drinking. We have many underage players involved in our senior programs, so we understand how important it is to create a safe environment for your young Pirates to play in, to feel welcome and included in off-field activities, and also how important it is for drinking-aged players to model responsible behaviours during these social times

Please check out this Good Sports page for more info on having safe celebrations while at Kelvedon Park.

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