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Kelvedon Park Update

In July 2023, Kingborough Council committed to spending $208,000 to install much needed drainage to the ground, an announcement that was exciting for our members and the Taroona Community. Turn the clock forward 8 months and the works have begun, however for various different reasons the works have not progressed as far as we would have liked. Since the start of the new year, Julian Proud has been in constant contact with Kingborough Council to ensure effective communication of the project occurs. 

Although the project has not gone to plan, I am confident in the long term benefits regarding Kelvedon's usage.   It has been confirmed by Kingborough council that we won't be using Kelvedon for at least the first half of the season. Such a decision has placed a significant impact on resources and ground availability - I ask you to be patient with us as we work through this unexpected delay. 

Through countless hours of work by our Committee, the Tasmanian Labor Party have committed to upgrade Kelvedon Park Lights  - $142,000 if elected.  This commitment by the Tasmanian Labor Party is exciting for our club as we continue to improve our facilities for our members. We had another project that was not supported and that was seeking support for using underutilised facilities at Taroona School by way of Lighting infrastructure. It is still our desire to seek funding for this project through other avenues. We will continue to work on this project. We have collaborated with Mr White and the Taroona School Association. 

-Sam Johnson, Taroona FC President

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