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Taroona Football Club are looking to fill the below spots for the 2022 Youth Season.

If you are interested touch base with ASAP.

The club has a range of teams for players with a development mindset and those with a more social mindset. At times the club combine teams where appropriate.

U13 Mixed Orange Team (Development & Social)

x2 players

- Coach provided

U14 Girls Black Team (Development & Social Team)

x2 players

- Coach provided

U14/U15 Girls Orange Team (Development & Social Team)

x4 players

- Coach provided

U15/U16 Girls Orange Team (Development & Social)

- We are looking for 10 - 12 players who are keen to play in this team. We have a coach ready.

- Coach provided

U18 Boys - Tier 1 (Wednesday Nights)

x6 players

U18 Boys - Tier 2 (Saturday Games)

x8 players

- Coach provided

If you think Taroona Football Club is the right fit for your team, we also welcome team registrations. Get in touch with

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