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Another unsuccessful week for our senior Pirates rules us out of making it into either the Men's Championship or the Women's Summer Cup Finals.

Last Sunday at KGV saw our senior Men's team take on Hobart City Beachside FC, where Jake Stuart was able to put our lads in the lead right before half time with a 40' goal. The second half saw the opposition equalise, a red card for one of our Pirates, and another goal to Beachside with only minutes left in the game. Final score was a 1-2 defeat.

Our Women's side didn't fare much better. Women's skipper, Daisy Parsell, was able to open the game with a surprise goal, making the most of the Lions' keeper's fumble after a speedy attack. Unfortunately our Pirates couldn't hold onto the lead, with a trio of goals in the Lions' favour putting a dampener on an otherwise brilliant start. Parsell was able to score again in the second half, however it wasn't enough to avoid the 2-6 loss.

This weekend our Women's squad will be glad to be moving off the artificial turf and playing on grass agin when they take on South Hobart at Darcy Street, while our Men's Championship team are back at KGV on Saturday taking on Hobart United FC.

Best of luck to all our teams this weekend!

Upcoming Games

Saturday 4th

2pm: Men's Championship Summer Cup: Taroona FC vs Hobart United FC, KGV Glenorchy

Sunday 5th

11:45am: Women's Summer Cup: Taroona FC vs South Hobart FC, Darcy St South Hobart

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