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Kicking off the weekend games, our Men’s Reserves team took on Olympia FC Warriors at Kelvedon Park, nabbing the game after a 65th unite goal by Jake Stuart. Later in the day, our Men’s Championship Pirates were also able to keep a clean sheet in their 4-0 victory over the Warriors. In a fiery game that saw 5 yellow cards distributed in total, we saw Pizzarazzi POTM, Noah Gardner, nab a brace thanks to the relentless trouble he gave Olympia’s defence. Additional, late-game goals by Jasper Gardner and Ewan Larby made the victory all the sweeter.

On Tuesday night our WSL squad played their postponed Round 17 against our neighbouring Kingborough Lions. The game looked evenly matched from the start but it was the Lions who got onto the score sheet first. However, when our star signee, Jessie Williams, received an opportunity to equalise with a penalty only minutes later, she got the job done in a cool, collected manner. Pirate Captain, Daisy Parsell, found an opportunity to catch the Lions’ defence off guard and went for a solo strike reminiscent of Sam Kerr’s World Cup banger, putting our Pirates ahead before the half time whistle. The team returned to the field with maintained composure, and after Bea Thurston-Regan bagged an 87th minute goal the game was won 3-1 giving our WSL squad a final burst of wind in their sails as they see out the final few games of the season.

Well done to our teams for their great results last week, and best of luck to all our teams playing this weekend! Let’s get out and support our Pirates for the last few games of their seasons.

Recent Results:

WSL vs Kingborough Lions United FC: 3-1 win

Men’s Championship vs Olympia FC Warriors: 4-0 win

Men’s Championship Reserves vs Olympia FC Warriors: 1-0 win

Upcoming Games

FRI 25th

6.00pm: Men’s Championship Reserves vs Metro FC, North Chigwell

8.15pm: Men’s Championship vs Metro FC, North Chigwell

SUN 27th

11.45am: Men’s Social D2 vs Hobart United FC, Kelvedon Park

2.00pm: Women’s Social D2 vs New Town Eagles SC, Kelvedon Park

2.00pm: WSL vs South Hobart FC, Darcy Street

WED 30th

6.30pm: Men’s Social D2 vs Glenorchy Knights FC, Kelvedon Park

8:15pm: Southern Championship League Cup Final: New Town vs Taroona FC, KGV Park

Home Games

SAT 26th

9.00am: U13s Mixed Orange vs Woodbridge SC

SUN 27th

9.00am: U14 Girls vs Hobart City Beachside FC

10.30am: Taroona FC U16 Girls Orange vs Taroona FC U16 Girls Black

11.45am: Men’s Social D2 vs Hobart United FC

2.00pm: Women’s Social D2 vs New Town Eagles SC

WED 30th

6.30pm: Men’s Social D2 vs Glenorchy Knights FC

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