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Speak Up! Stay Chatty

On Tuesday evening, our Senior Men's and Women's teams attended a fantastic presentation facilitated by James from Speak Up! Stay Chatty. They explored a wide range of topics surrounding mental health in general, but also how we as a sporting club can create a positive and safe environment for individuals to feel supported when they may find themselves on the lower end of the mental health continuum.

The session explored the influence of mental health in sport, ways to look out for and show up for your teammates, and how to build the confidence to speak up when you are faced with any sort of ill or injured mental health. A key take-away from the session was that 1 in 5 Australians are struggling with their mental health at any given time, and that very much like a physical injury, we can't let it go ignored or unspoken if it's to get better. Statistically, that means at least a couple of teammates will be struggling with mental health at any given point in the season, so if you notice something out of character for one of your teammates, it's always worth checking in and seeing if they're ok. Thank you James for coming along and sharing some incredibly valuable knowledge! For more information, check out Speak Up! Stay Chatty.

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