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The Pirate Library: Donations Wanted

Ahoy, me harties! The Taroona FC Clubrooms at Kelvedon now has it's very own little library!

As Danny Scott writes in his 2018 article, 'Why reading books can help you become a better footballer': "Books train your brain to think faster, harder and smarter. They will help you spot patterns where others see chaos. Reading about characters with different views on life than your own will help you get the most out of talented teammates who others have given up on. Who knows, reading might just give you the edge you need to reach the top - or at least to stay calm the next time you need to take a penalty."

We all know there's a wealth of knowledge to be found in books, as there is in sport, so we've created a resource to help inspire and nurture the bright young minds within our club. The Pirate Library is aimed at supporting the learning and development of our SKiLLS aged players, but is open to everyone who frequents the clubrooms. Whether you're a younger player hanging out at Kelvie before training, a parent or guardian watching a session, or if you'd like to borrow a book to read at home, we hope that you find value in this new little literary community.


If you have any Sports-related books you don't mind parting ways with, feel free to add them to the library! Just drop them off at the Kelvedon Clubrooms, or add them to the bookshelf. Please note that we are only after Sports-related books at this time (this includes Sports Fiction and Non-fiction, as well as Sporting Biographies and Autobiographies).

We hope you enjoy our new addition to the Clubrooms!

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