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We all know that club football would not be able to operate without the fantastic individuals who donate their time and efforts to the game. To show our appreciation to the many hard-working people who make Taroona FC the awesome club it is, we're asking for your help to nominate a volunteer.

Do you know a local legend? Someone who is always helping out the club's teams, supporting players, or helping things run smoothly at Kelvedon? Nominate them now and they'll be in the draw to win a $20 massage voucher, as well as a personalised Volunteer of the Month award:

All nominees are placed into a pool, which is then considered by the Taroona FC Committee each month. A recipient will be decided upon and contacted after each monthly committee meeting.

A huge thanks to Lindsay Foley-Donoghue Massage for sponsoring this award and for all your work as the club's trusty sports trainer.

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