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Taroona Football Club is looking for people to volunteer some time to help volunteer at a Bunnings BBQ.

🔥 👨‍🍳 What do you call a BBQ pun?

Answer: A meataphor

Come along to hear more great jokes, enjoy a fun day of volunteering!

It is desired that 1-2 people from each team will volunteer to help our their club at these fundraisers. This is what been a part of Taroona FC is about. We love our community and building a stronger more stable football club together.

Our club running a Bunnings BBQ can fundraise between $800-$1500 for the club. This means more income for equipment, paying club bills, saving money for clubhouse and ground maintenance and upgrades…and MUCH MORE!

Coordinator Role Janette Power has kindly taken this on!

On-Day Volunteer Role

-We need you! - Choose a time slot and then commit to turning up 5 mins before

- Cooking bbq or handing the bread and sausage out, or taking money

- Volunteer age is 14 years +

WHEN IS THE BBQ: Saturday 25th June Set up at 8.30am (for a 8:45am start) finishes at 4.30pm (the coordinator DOES NOT need to be there the whole day!) 4 volunteers at a time running the BBQ (not allowed more than that!)

We encourage 2 hour volunteer time slots. So if everyone gives a little bit of time..then it makes it easier for us all!

Location: Kingston Bunnings


Coordinator: Jannette Power


We appreciate you helping out our community club, #TogetherWeCan

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