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VOTM - Pascall Gee

A huge congratulations to Pascall Gee for receiving our VOTM award for the month of June! Pally tirelessly commits himself to the U18 team on both Monday and Wednesday nights, and always makes a positive contribution to the team no matter the outcome of the match. He is admired and appreciated by the whole team, and is an amazing role model to have as part of Taroona FC.

According to the players: "[Pally] strives to make each of us feel heard and pushes each and every one of us to get the best out of us and the team as a whole." Pascall's volunteer work is greatly appreciated, and his presence in the club is invaluable to the young community he helping to shape.

An additional thanks to Lindsay at LFD Massage & Fitness for sponsoring this award. Each VOTM recipient is presented with a nifty little plaque and a LFD Massage voucher worth $20. If you would like to nominate a hard-working volunteer, please fill out the jotform here:

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