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VOTM - Simon Bowes

July's VOTM is Simon Bowes! Simon is a parent who volunteers his time regularly, with 3 kids playing at the club in 3 different teams, he puts his hand up for whatever is required. He often runs the lines at any of the 3 games he gets to each week, is happy to umpire whenever needed, and recently volunteered to be the Team Manager for the Devonport Cup Team - where he also ran the lines for almost all of the games.

It's especially inspiring to see parents who are so involved in their children's endeavours. People like Simon are making a positive impact in their own kid's lives by supporting their passions, but it's not always apparent that these positive actions ripple out and support the whole Taroona FC community - whether it be other young players, our Youth team coaches, or other volunteers and staff within the club.

On behalf of everyone at Taroona FC, thank you, Simon, for being an incredible presence within our club! A huge thank you to Lindsay at LFD Massage for sponsoring our monthly award. Each VOTM recipient is awarded a $20 massage voucher.

You can nominate a VOTM here.

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