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Terms and Conditions:
By submitting registration to TFC SKiLLS TRAINING you give permission to Taroona Football Club (TFC), and its contractors and employees to act in best interests of your child in an emergency, and agree to reimburse TFC for any costs incurred in the emergency treatment of your child. TFC Philosophy - TFC aims to make participation in football an enjoyable experience for all players, and to promote and uphold the ideals of sportsmanship, fair play and respect for others. We provide an instructive, supportive and encouraging coaching environment that will allow all players to develop to their full potential. About the Program - The "SAP" and "Youth" Skills Training programs will follow the Skills Acquisition Phase program as outlined in Football Federation Australia’s National Football Curriculum. The program focuses on providing a solid foundation of technical skill using structured training sessions. Fees - Fees are payable upon Registration after the first session attended. Failure to pay may result in players being excluded from further participation in the program until payment is received. Cancellations - Due to operational circumstances it may be necessary to cancel training sessions (eg. poor weather). In these instances we will contact you via email and Team App TFC Skills Training TFC page shall attempt to make up any cancelled sessions or offer credit for future sessions. 

Parent/Guardian commitment - I agree to pay all fees by the due date and understand that not doing so may result in my child not being allowed to participate in the TFC Skills Training program. 
I understand that I am wholly responsible for my child’s behaviour. 
I agree to get my child to the sessions, ready to train by the stated starting time for Mondays and Wednesdays and be at training to pick up my child at the stated finishing times. 
I understand that I am bound by the TFC Parents Code of Conduct and will not enter the training surface during sessions. 
In the event of unforeseen circumstances, please send an email to or message your session coordinator via Team App.

I give TFC permission to publish photos of our training sessions on the TFC website and social media pages.

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