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Raise The Bar

We have a special offer to announce, which is open to everyone in the Taroona FC community - family, friends , neighbours etc. If you use the barcode for Taroona FC, we benefit from it as a fundraising project, as well the individual getting 5% off at bottleshop purchases. Check out the PDFs attached below for more information.

Instructions on how to sign up and register for this Project.

Below is the link to receive your bar code.

  1. Click the link above

  2. Click on the menu in the top right corner of the "Raise the Bar" page.

  3. Select "Sign In".

  4. Click on "Taroona Football Club".

  5. Enter password "Taroona2024" this is case sensitive.

  6. Complete the form.

  7. You will receive a follow up email within a few minutes with the bar code attached.

Raise The Bar
Download • 631KB

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