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Youth Survey

This is a survey for LAPSED PLAYERS: FEMALES 15+ years old

As part of a study that our club physio, Chrissy Tadros, is conducting, Taroona FC is calling on any former Taroona FC female players aged 15+ years (preferably under 18). Whether you dropped out due to moving clubs, injury, lack of interest in the game, dissatisfied with the club etc, it would be greatly appreciated if they could take the time to complete the survey.

Chrissy Tadros volunteers for WHEN (Women's Health Education Network) and is putting together a grant which will hopefully target and educate 11-15 year olds on how to exercise with their changing bodies, and how to keep young females involved in sport. There is a very big drop out when females turn 15 years + of age in organised sport, particularly in Tasmania.

Your contribution to this research would be greatly appreciated, as would be sharing this survey with any appropriate ex-players

To take part in the SURVEY: CLICK HERE

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