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GET TO KNOW: Emma McVeigh

Emma McVeigh found herself coaching the social women’s team by default due to her, “ability to permanently be injured.” She is also also on the party planning committee for women’s social events, and is proud mother to the social women’s mascot, Bronte the kelpie. Despite having a degree in Plant and Animal Science, Emma somehow managed to get a job in the School of Medicine. Emma enjoys sewing, embroidering, and fostering a friendly and supportive environment within the women’s social team.

A neurodivergent individual herself, Emma understands how important building a welcoming and understanding environment around soccer can be. She says, “The women are amazing, super friendly, and all super understanding about the importance of soccer for mental health…Giving back doesn’t just help me, I can visibly see how all volunteers help better the club. The large number of volunteers allow the club to be community focused and run events and the club!!”

Fun Facts about Emma:

1. What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen? Scottish highlands is the most beautiful place I have been to, apart from Tassie. Also, can we appreciate how beautiful our home ground location is.

2. What TV shows are you watching right now? I am watching a few shows - mainly Drag Race and True Crime at the moment.

3. What makes you laugh the most? My dog Bronte makes me laugh every day.

4. If you could win an Olympic medal for any sport, real or fake, what would it be? I would win a medal for injuries - my record for not having any injuries since I was 10 is a month

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