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Vintage Shirt Night

Last weekend the Club held a social event for senior players, supporters and friends at the Kelvedon Clubhouse. We've been missing our home ground terribly since we are still waiting for the field to heal from its facelift, so it was nice to be back at our much-loved facilities spending some quality time together with the Taroona FC community.

A huge thank you to everyone involved in the planning, preparations, and execution of the night. We were able to raise a good amount of funds for the Club through various fundraisers that were held on the night, including a raffle and a 'Charity Jukebox'. Pizza was served alongside our house cocktail: the Dark and Stormy - making a meal fit for a Pirate! There was a foosball championship held, and many other competitive events such as (safe) axe throwing to keep our Crew entertained.

The highlight of the night was undoubtedly the Fashion Show, which saw our most fabulous Pirates strutting their stuff on the artificial turf runway. The theme was Vintage Shirt Night, which saw some epic items being dug out from the depths of Davy Jones' locker. But the real stops were pulled out in the catwalks, and our poor judges were only able to choose a top 4 when in reality, every contestant shone brighter than a chestful of golden doubloons (see the evidence below).

Special mentions to our top fashionistas: Kelsey, who didn't let concussion stop her from fiercely flaunting her moves, Ollie, who's mid-walk fashion change was reminiscent of Gaga's 2019 Met Gala arrival, and Alex, who was serving RuPaul realness with his sassy routine. The biggest congratulations, however, went to Women's Championship Coach Tayla Thomas for taking home the Grand Prize for her amazingly athletic catwalk. She won a voucher for 2 free drinks on the night, as well as a $25 Hog's Breath Cafe voucher.

Once again, thank you to all our amazing community members for coming out and making the event a success in every way possible. We look forward to holding more social events of this sort over the coming months.

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