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VOTE 1 Kaspar Deane

Taroona FC's own Kaspar Deane is having a tilt at politics. Kaspar spent large parts of his childhood in Taroona and first joined the club back in 2004. He loves scoring goals (but passing not so much..) for the Southern Champ 3 team, and is hoping to be a huge advocate for sporting clubs, young families, and maybe even have a crack at tackling housing. Ballots are being sent out to Kingborough residents from Oct 3 so if you want to get behind a fellow Pirate, consider giving him your #1 vote!

Kaspar is a passionate teacher in a public school, and completed his Honours degree at UTAS in Politics and Policy in 2020. He wants to help make Kingborough an even better place to live and work, and has keen interest in improving the areas of: Housing, Sports & Community clubs, and Family-friendly & inclusive facilities in the Kingborough area. You can learn more about Kaspar here on his website.

Kaspar's Facebook page provides a great snapshot into the issues that he is vocal and enthusiastic about. As a local sportsperson, Kaspar recognises how Kingborough's new sports fees policy will negatively affect our sporting communities and the players within them. He has been pro-active in encouraging the Kingborough Council to sit down with Club spokespeople, hear the concerns, and ultimately develop a more reasonable policy.

We know Kaspar will be a fresh and energetic addition to the Kingborough Council, so if you'd like to support him then check out the links above and vote #1 Kaspar Deane in your postal ballots.

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